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We Bring Businesses New Customers Everyday & Have Your Existing Customers Coming Back With:

(1) Roku Tv Channel

(2) Amazon Fire Tv Channel

(3) Apple Tv Channel (From May 2019)

(4) Lead Generation Using Social Media Ads 

(5) Five Stars Reviews  & Reputation Management.





We are Small. We Are Ethical. We Get Your Business New Customers Everyday.


How? With -


1.) Roku  Tv Channel

2.) Amazon Fire Tv Channel

3.) Apple Tv Channel (From May 2019)

4.) Leads from Social Media Ads

5.) 5 Star Reviews & Reputation Management




Your Own TV Channel


How To Have Your Own Tv Channel Within Weeks.


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Generate New Business


How To Get Qualified Le.

ads The Right Way.


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Manage Your Customers


How To Get 5 Star Reviews, Manage Your Reputation.


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You Can Have Your Own Tv Channel...


Three PUBLIC  COMMERCIAL TV Channels namely:

(1) A Roku Tv Channel

(2) A Amazon Fire Tv Channel

(3) Apple Tv Channel (From May 2019)

Roku is the leading provider of on-demand TV, with 26

millions viewers and growing in the US alone and overseas.

Amazon Fire Tv is from Amazon and has millions of customers in the US and overseas.

Apple Tv Channel is an Apple product and has millions of enthusiastic, faithful and amazing fans in the US and overseas. 

Your Own Public Commercial Tv Channel will appear  alongside giants such as Netflix or Disney which means:

  • Authority. You will be the leader in your industry.
  • Traffic. Typically lots of viewers in the first month alone.
  • Easy Monetization. You can do TV advertising which is more revenue generated for your business when you upgrade.
  • Ahead. You will always be a few steps ahead.

You win every way. You get actual real time viewers.

What to expect are set below:

You will supply the video content.


 (1) We will design, create and manage the Roku Tv channel for you.

(2) We  will design, create and manage the Amazon Fire Tv Channel for you.

(3) We  will design, create and manage the Apple Tv Channel for you. (From May 2019)

The setup fee is $15,000 for one channel, plus $500 per program / video, irrespective of the length.  6 videos or programs is minimum required to start each new Tv channel.

You are required to present at least 1 video / program every month to keep viewers and grow your channel. That's all.


No hidden costs. No additional costs.


The Time to air for a new channel is from 2 to 4 weeks, this depends on the number of programs / videos that you have.


Additional programs can be aired within hours or days, this depends on your requirements.


We can  supply an advertising income if you are interested.


Contact us with an outline of your proposal, please. Get started below.


We invested in the 6 programs / video uploads  and  the main setup fee so you may at 5% off setup fee get FREE 4 Weeks Trial as well as additional 65% off from main setup fee after the trial if you wish to keep your Tv channel.

'FREE' means - free to run ads, free to upload 6 programs / videos for 4 weeks.

So you are getting an Exclusive 70% DISCOUNT from April 2019 for one fully Branded Tv Channel only.

Activate it today.

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It's ok!

Click 'GET STARTED' below to get the DISCOUNT with A 4 Weeks 'FREE' Trial as explained!


Monthly Fee - $3000

Setup Fee (waived)

(First 100 Programmes FREE For First 3 Months) 

Click - 3 Tv Channels Bundle below

(Apple Tv Channel, Roku Tv Channel, Amazon Fire Tv Channels).





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