Lead Generation Using Social Media Ads

You Can Have Limitless Genuine Pre-Qualified New Business Leads.


We set up a online mobile responsive lead page with sales video that vets the potential clients or customers.


Set up fee is $3000. You pay 20% off the market cost for each lead we send you.

No additional fee. No  hidden cost.


It provides a set of questions which the clients answer and then are directed to a specific service they want.


Depending service chosen, sales video explains the benefits of your service, then an educational material is provided, a free consultation is presented and this enables the client or customer to call your business.


The numbers of leads you can handle depends on you. The lead generation platform is ready in 5 days. We run ads to the lead page. We build your email list. We pay for the Facebook ads, Google adwords. Youtube ads. We get your business more quality customers. 

Want To Save On BUNDLED and Be effective: For additional fee ($3000 monthly) 

Market To Existing Customers

We make you an authority in Facebook, Youtube and Linkedin - building and educating your community. Create different tested Sales funnels and Youtube channel for your business with subscribe features. You will get Return on Your Investments.

You provide reports, ebook, run webinars, create 'how to video', build quality GDPR email lists, app (we help you build chats bots in English or a Non-English language). We build your GDPR email list and send text messages and voice drop voicemail messages to existing customers. Thus having existing customers coming back to your business. These drive predictable businesses for you. We work with you to make this possible.


Contact us with an outline of your proposal, please.


Get The Happy Clients And Customers Giving You  5 Star Reviews And Avoid Bad Reviews From Not So Happy Ones And  Protect Your Good Reputation.


On Reviews

We set up a review platform that directs happy customers to give you the best reviews.


Set up fee is $3000. Then $750 per video per keyword.


The review platform also directs the unhappy customers to you so that you have the opportunity to make right the customer or clients problem.


For bad reviews. We help you respond to it and we work with you to create videos show your good reviews, the efforts you made to rectify any bad opinions made about you. 


We rank your video on page 1 of google where potential clients see only your good reviews. Thus saving and boosting your reputation.

The Review Management Platform is ready in 3 days.

On Reputation - Google Guarantee Badge ✔ 

We guide you through the process of applying and obtaining your own Google Guarantee Badge.

The Google Guarantee badge  (a green badge) helps your business build a great reputation online and a solid online reputation. This mean high sales, ranking and customer satisfication. It is a Google guarantee that businesses with Google Guarantee Badge will be visible online and be above most SEO results.


The Google Guarantee badge  clarifies that If your customers happen not to be  satisfied with a business work quality, Google may refund up to the amount paid for  service or job booked through Local Services ads. This refund has  a lifetime cap for coverage. 


Google Guarantee Badge  covers the following:

  • If your customer is dissatisfied with work quality, we’ll cover claims up to the job invoice amount, with a lifetime cap for coverage.
  • Service must be booked through Local Services. Add-on or future projects, damages to property, dissatisfaction with price or provider responsiveness, and cancellations aren’t covered.
  • Claims must be submitted within 30 days of the initial service completion date.

The Reputation Management Process takes more than 3 days as you do need to satisfy Google requirements.

The process of ethically managing your reviews and reputation set out above will eventually lead to happy clients and customers and a 5 Star Reviews possibility if they are thrilled with your work.


Contact us with an outline of your proposal, please. 



Coming Soon Are Our WordPress Plugins Set to grow Your Business. 


We will keep you updated as theWP plugins we develope becomes available.




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